February 6, 2023 - 3:00 PM

J. Newton Cohen, Sr. Room
J. Newton Cohen, Sr. Rowan County Administration Building
130 West Innes Street, Salisbury, NC 28144

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Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Consider Additions to the Agenda
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Board members are asked to voluntarily inform the Board if any matter on the agenda might present a conflict of interest or might require the member to be excused from voting.

1Consider Approval of Consent Agenda
A.State Certification for ROAP Grant - Second Disbursement
B.Sole-Source CivicPlus Inc.
C.Sole-Source Microsoft Store
D.GRANT AGREEMENT: Approve Emergency Mgmt to accept EMPG grant funding
E.[ROWAN PUBLIC LIBRARY] Approve request to apply to 2023 Margaret C. Woodson Foundation Grant
F.[GRANT AGREEMENT] Request to execute grant documents for Rowan Wild from NCDNCR
G.[Revised Grant Agreement] Revised Rural Economic Development Grant for Project "Agility Fuel Solutions, LLC/Project ACDC"
H.Sole-Source Patterson Pope
I.Satisfaction for CDBG-R Deed of Trust
J.HDR Task Orders - Landfill V Project
K.Extra Duty Pay for Detention Center for Rowan County Sheriff's Office
L.Administrative Contract w/ Salisbury Community Development Corporation [2020-21]
M.Fair Housing Plans
N.HOME Contract w/ Salisbury Community Development Corporation [2021-22] and Funding Agreement w/ Concord
O.Health Department New Position Request
P.Sheriff's Office Position Reclassification Requests
Q.Parks and Recreation Position Reclassification Request
R.Emergency Services Position Reclassification Request
S.Award Firearm Purchase - AmChar
T.Sole-Source Coast 2 Coast Technologies, LLC
U.County Manager Employment Contract
V.Sole-Source Spatialest
W.Contract with Patagonia Health Inc.
X.Approve Landfill Phase V Construction Project to NJR Group - Contract
Y.Agenda Addition - Robertson Foundation Grant
Z.Agenda Addition - Woodson Grant Application
AA.Agenda Addition - Award StRAP Grant Bid Proposal to W. Brown Construction
AB.Agenda Addition - Approval to Execute Scope of Work for Directed Grant for RCCC
A.Department of Social Services Annual Report
3Public Comment Period
4Board Appointments
5Budget Amendments
6Closed Session
Closed Session

Individuals with disabilities who need modifications to access the services or public meetings of Rowan County Government may contact the Clerk to the Board of Commissioners three days prior to the meeting by calling (704) 216-8181 or by utilizing the North Carolina relay number at 1-800-735-2962 (English) or 1-888-825-6570 (Spanish). For additional communication options, please consult: