September 6, 2022 - 3:00 PM

J. Newton Cohen, Sr. Room
J. Newton Cohen, Sr. Rowan County Administration Building
130 West Innes Street, Salisbury, NC 28144

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Call to Order
Provided By: Chaplain Michael Taylor
Pledge of Allegiance
Consider Additions to the Agenda
Consider Deletions From the Agenda
Consider Approval of the Agenda

Board members are asked to voluntarily inform the Board if any matter on the agenda might present a conflict of interest or might require the member to be excused from voting.

Consider Approval of August 1, 2022 and August 15, 2022 Minutes
1Consider Approval of Consent Agenda
A.Martin Starnes Audit Contract
B.2022 TRACK Trail MOU
C.Sole-Source Library Corp
D.Sole-Source agreement with ESI Acquisition, Inc
E.Sole-Source Agreement with ESRI
F.Sole-Source Agreement with Service Commander Software, Inc
G.Accept Offer and Authorize Sale of Lot #5 in Summit Business Park
H.RCPH - Request to Apply for Grant Proposal
I.Satisfaction of Prior Deed of Trust (HOME Grant Program)
J.Accept Donation Of Vehicle To Be Used As Airport Crew Car
K.Airport Crew Car Indemnity and Use Form
L.QBS Exemption for S&ME Agreement
M.4H Grant for Butterfly Program
N.ZTA 03-22: Schedule Public Hearing for September 19, 2022
O.Z 07-22: Schedule Public Hearing for September 19, 2022
P.ROCOC Request to Submit Grant Application to Rowan Community Foundation
Q.Z 08-22: Schedule Public Hearing for September 19, 2022
R.Hangar 29 Lease - Charter Jet Transport
S.Sheriff's Retirement
T.Request to Investigate Fire District Changes
U.City of Salisbury Agreement for Radio Fees
V.Rowan Probation and Parole No Cost Lease Agreement
W.Sole-Source Avineon
X.Award Ellis Park Tennis Court Reconstruction
Y.RPL Request to Submit FY22-23 Application for State Aid (Recurring)
Z.Approval to Accept Bright Ideas Funding (RPL)
AA.Grant Agreement - Non-state, Non-recurring Aid to Public Libraries
AB.Federal Engineering
AC.Appropriation to the Town of Spencer
AD.Fixed Income Professional Certificate Training
2Special Recognition
A.Proclamation for Patriot Day and National Day of Remembrance
B.Proclamation - First Responders Appreciation Day
C.Proclamation For Constitution Week
D.Proclamation Honoring the Coolest Thing Made in North Carolina
3Public Comment Period
4Public Hearing to Consider An Ordinance Approving a Temporary Lane Closure on US Hwy 29 for the Purpose of Facilitating a Special Event
5Public Hearing: FY24 Transportation Grant Application Descriptions and Amounts
6Airport Hangar Expansion Schematic Design and Office Layout
7Vaya Health Update
8Budget Amendments
9Consider Approval of Board Appointments

Individuals with disabilities who need modifications to access the services or public meetings of Rowan County Government may contact the Clerk to the Board of Commissioners three days prior to the meeting by calling (704) 216-8181 or by utilizing the North Carolina relay number at 1-800-735-2962 (English) or 1-888-825-6570 (Spanish). For additional communication options, please consult: