August 1, 2022 - 3:00 PM

J. Newton Cohen, Sr. Room
J. Newton Cohen, Sr. Rowan County Administration Building
130 West Innes Street, Salisbury, NC 28144

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Call to Order
Provided By: Chaplain Michael Taylor
Pledge of Allegiance
Consider Additions to the Agenda
Consider Deletions From the Agenda
Consider Approval of the Agenda

Board members are asked to voluntarily inform the Board if any matter on the agenda might present a conflict of interest or might require the member to be excused from voting.

Consider Approval of July 18, 2022 Minutes
1Consider Approval of Consent Agenda
A.Proclamation - Civitan Club of Salisbury Centennial Month
B.Road Abandonment Resolution for Gym and School Streets in Woodleaf Community
C.Request for Approval to Apply for FY22 Local Justice Assistance
D.Request to Pursue Funding from Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.)
E.Schedule Public Hearing for Z 06-22: David Tucker, for August 15, 2022
F.Grant Agreement - SLNC Bright Ideas
G.Airport Funding: Parallel Taxiway Rehabilitation
H.Sole-Source Teleflex
I.RSS Contract for School Nursing
J.Wellpath Contract
K.COVID-19 School Health Team
L.Sole-Source Auvik Networks, Inc.
M.Sole-Source 120 Water
N.Sole-Source Idemia
O.Sole-Source MCCi
P.Request to Apply: First United Church of Christ Foundation
Q.Sole-Source Information, Inc.
R.Sole-Source Tyler Technologies
S.Sole-Source Central Square
T.Sole-Source CivicPlus Inc
U.Sole-Source Faronics Technologies
V.Position Change Requests Submitted by Public Health Director
W.Sole-Source Lexis Nexis
X.Termination of State of Emergency
Y.West End Plaza Sign for Veterans Social Center
Z.Property Sale
AA.Contract With Environmental Engineering Firm
2Public Comment Period
3Public Hearing & Summary Presentation - EDC 'Project Finishing'
4SNIA 04-22: Finney Builders
5Update on Development Review Process
6Authorize Study For Early Retirement Incentive
7Budget Amendments
8Consider Approval of Board Appointments
9Closed Session
To Consider Approval of Closed Session Minutes
To Consider Real Estate Negotiations

Individuals with disabilities who need modifications to access the services or public meetings of Rowan County Government may contact the Clerk to the Board of Commissioners three days prior to the meeting by calling (704) 216-8181 or by utilizing the North Carolina relay number at 1-800-735-2962 (English) or 1-888-825-6570 (Spanish). For additional communication options, please consult: